Westwood Debate and Speech Boosters is a non-profit organization, a 501(c)(3) entity, which means that donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN (Employee Identification Number) is 61-1531801. Many companies provide opportunities for their employees to make charitable donations through benefits programs at work. Some companies will even match donations made by employees. This is an excellent way to give to the Debate and Speech Program, and with employee matching, students receive the extra bonus of additionally donated funds.

The Westwood Debate and Speech Program has been extremely successful and accordingly, the number of students who participate in the program and attend tournaments continues to rise. While the program receives some funding from the school, these funds cover less than 20% of the cost of running the debate team for a year!

How to Donate:

If your employer participates in UNITED WAY matching, please consider giving to the team.

 You can also donate using these two payment methods:

 1. Writing a check to Westwood Debate and Speech Boosters

2. Making a payment using Zelle. The email address to use is: