2023-2024  Registration

Comming soon

As you have probably noticed, tournament competition begins immediately at the start of each school year! It's essential that we collect your contact information so that you don't miss out on any critical communications. Please note that the Booster Club will be using the info you provide to send messages to parents and guardians about signing up to judge at tournaments and to volunteer.  We plan to hold a parent training/orientation meeting very soon -- keep an eye on your inbox for details!

In addition to gathering your contact information, this is also the time of year when we collect booster club membership fees and donations to fund the program. For those of you who are new to Debate at Westwood, attending tournaments is expensive: tournament registration fees, judging fees, and travel expenses all add up quickly. Your donations play a critical role in allowing all students to participate in tournaments all over the state and even nationally. The 2022-23 booster club fee is as follows, and represents a small increase to cover rising costs that we have not adjusted for in recent years:

Parents of Juniors and Seniors: $545

Parents of Sophomores: $445

Parents of Freshmen (and non-freshman novices): $345

NOTE:  If you have a second child in Speech and Debate, you may take $50 off of your total.


This request includes $25 UIL donation per family.


Your UIL Contribution is tax-deductible and is often eligible for employer matching. Please register the WDSB with your employer and get the donation match. Every dollar helps! Thank you!

We request that the payment be made before December 15, 2022.  Payments after this date should include additional $25.

** If these payments present a financial hardship for you and your student plans to attend tournaments, please contact us directly at WHSdebate@westwooddebate.com to discuss a dues "scholarship". You'll see in the form below that we ask all parents to consider donating on top of the dues if they're able, to help cover the dues of those who cannot afford them.  We don't want anyone to forego tournament participation because of financial barriers. **