2021-2022 Registration

Notes: Thank you for registering your student(s) with the Westwood Debate Boosters. ***Please use Chrome or Internet Explorer. If you use Edge, open this website using the setting 'Open with Internet Explorer'.***To complete registration, please follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Please complete the Registration Form and SUBMIT. Then proceed with the payments. Your registration is not complete until you complete the payment.


2. The Westwood Debate & Speech Boosters is accepting 2 methods of payment: using 'Zelle' or using Check.

A. Using Zelle:

Zelle is a banking app that is very simple and easy to use. Most banks offer this convenience and for those that don't, you can download the Zelle app to make the payments. For more information regarding how Zelle works, click on: https://www.zellepay.com/how-it-works

The email address to send in Zelle payments is: whsdebate@westwooddebate.com

B. Check:

Pay to the order of : Westwood Debate and Speech

Please write student's name and grade in memo. The check can be handed over to Mr. Sohail Jouya. For any questions please reach out to Yash (vmahambare@yahoo.com) or Sree (sreedevithyagu@yahoo.com )

Corporate Matching

Every year corporate matching generates much-needed funding for our debate program. If you (either parent) work for employers listed below, please complete the registration process without payment and contact Gayathri Venkat at gaya_3_v@yahoo.com . We will reach out to you via an offline payment process for potential employer matching funds from these companies:

  • Dell

  • Apple

  • Oracle

  • Intel

  • Charles Schwab

  • Bank of America

  • Visa

  • Cadence

  • KLA

  • Emerson

  • Qualcomm

  • Tableau Software

  • Silicon Lab

  • Cisco

  • Home Depot

If parents are aware of other companies with corporate matching programs not listed above, we are all ears! The process is the same. Please reach out to Gayathri Venkat at gaya_3_v@yahoo.com. It is another great way to generate funding for our program!


  1. If you are unable to volunteer, you have an option of donating $200 and thereby opting out of judging. Your donation will cover the expenses incurred by the Westwood Debate & Speech Boosters for judging fees for tournaments. This donation is tax-deductible.

***Please note that registration is not complete until you complete the payment.***You will not receive an email to confirm your registration. You will receive a confirmation of your payment after your check has posted.If you have any questions about the google form below, please contact Yash (vmahambare@yahoo.com) or Sree (sreedevithyagu@yahoo.com).